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By enabling and empowering aspiring ethical hackers and cybersecurity enthusiasts, DIVD Academy stands as a beacon of cutting-edge education, fostering knowledge, skills, and ethical awareness among young talent while guiding at-risk youth toward a positive impact in cybersecurity and IT education, shaping a safer digital future for all.

Are you interested in cybersecurity and would you like to come take a look? Feel free to come talk to the DIVD Community.

The platform provides a comprehensive range of free courses and training materials covering fundamental IT education, networking, Kubernetes, security, automation, programming in various languages like JavaScript, Python, and PHP, DevOps skills, GitHub operations, code security, and data science essentials. This diverse curriculum caters to beginners starting their careers, offering basic IT education, networking, cybersecurity training, ethical hacking, automation, programming and data analytics.


DIVD Academy is a learning school to increase knowledge, skills, and ethical awareness and connects young talent. In addition, DIVD Academy is a safe place where both novice and experienced researchers can join to learn from each other, a 21st-century niche in the field of IT education, research, and security.


We signal several developments. For example, we see a growing group of interested parties who want to know and learn more about cyber security, perhaps want to make it their profession, and often already possess several basic skills but are still looking for the proper appropriate training.

Another development we observe is the young talent in the Netherlands who hack freely, only sometimes know the digital boundaries, do not know when they go wrong, and where the digital ethical compass is only developed to a limited extent.


The DIVD Academy is an innovative hacker initiative committed to two goals, (1) training a new generation of hackers and (2) raising awareness about cybersecurity. The DIVD Academy is a training ground for increasing this knowledge, skills, and ethical insight among young talent.

What is the DIVD Academy?

The DIVD Academy serves as an innovative hub, dedicated to nurturing a fresh generation of cybersecurity experts and amplifying awareness about online security. It stands as a catalyst for fostering knowledge, skills, and ethical awareness among aspiring talents. Through tailored micro-training, DIVD empowers emerging hackers to evolve into junior security researchers, offering them practical experience and a path towards ethical professional growth within the organization.

HQ Office
Maanweg 174
2516 AB Den Haag
Tel.: (+31) 70 41 90 309

Training location
Koningskade 4
2596 AA Den Haag
Tel.: (+31) 70 41 90 309