At DIVD Academy, we are proud to collaborate with a diverse array of esteemed partners to drive innovation and excellence across multiple projects. Our mission is to foster a collaborative environment where expertise and creativity converge to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow. Together, we contribute to a wide range of initiatives that advance knowledge, enhance skills, and promote a secure digital future. Explore our projects and join us in our commitment to making a meaningful impact in the world. 

In a city like The Hague, safeguarding crucial digital data is a top priority, with both the municipality and various organizations, including the newly established DIVD Academy, playing essential roles. Co-founder Astrid Oosenbrug highlights the Academy's mission to address inequalities in the IT sector by offering opportunities such as free hacking courses and internships to underrepresented youth, thus enhancing both their prospects and the city's digital security. The Academy aims to reduce school dropout rates and promote ethical hacking skills, contributing to a safer digital environment in The Hague. 

Government employees often use external AI tools like ChatGPT for tasks such as writing emails and summarizing documents, but these tools often don't meet stringent data privacy and regulatory standards. SSC-ICT aims to develop a locally controlled Dutch language model using Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) technology to improve operational efficiency, knowledge management, and transparency while ensuring compliance with privacy and data protection laws. The Academy contributes to this open-source project by providing research expertise, developing the language model, and ensuring the integration of privacy and security standards.